Takuwa is the leading company in flood control in Japan.


TAKUWA is the leading vendor of
Wisdom of Water in Japan


Takuwa is a leading company in flood control and disaster prevention in Japan. For more than 50 years, we have continued to provide technologies and solutions specialized in Japan's flood control and disaster countermeasures, "Water Measurement Techniques for Measuring Water" including water level gauges. Thanks to its high technology and quality, it has realized a country-resistant country with water disasters, and has supported the recovery and high growth of Japan after the war.
Takuwa Co., Ltd. is a living infrastructure engineering company that supports town development and the process of growth of the country by technologies that accurately measure the water level in the living area and its effective utilization solutions.


Turning to the reality, the world has for now forgotten "clinging to the water" and is devoted to "controlling water." But is it really the right choice?

For example, have the flood of a river, flood can be stopped by holding the best technology of the present? Unfortunately we can not. Also, as securing limited water resources has become the cause of every conflict in the world and continues to destroy the global environment, we are now creating a situation that threatens our own survival.

In order for us to continue living on this beautiful planet, it is necessary not to "regulate" the water but to "know well" the way to get along with it well. Like the predecessor has done so since ancient times ...
Takuwa aims to "stick closer to water" rather than "dictate water" daringly. And we will do our utmost to correctly understand "know the water" in more detail.

Based on society and "future strategy close to water," we aim to become a company that provides the skills and know-how necessary for establishing an environment where people can live safely and safely.

Takuwa always sticks closer to the side of the carrier and sits close to the heart, society and the country climb the step of growth one step further, suggesting how to get in touch with the optimum at each time, wrapped in peace of mind We promise that we can help you with tomorrow and country development.