Takuwa is the leading company in flood control in Japan.


TAKUWA nurtured
Japan Quality Technology to the world


Takuwa is not a company of "just selling off its own products". The global expansion aimed at us is not only to manufacture and sell products, but also to actively transfer the technology of Takuwa to each country, to establish and maintain unique evolution and development that matches the characteristics and needs of each country / region It is aiming to aim.
Takuwa always sticks closer to the side of the carrier and sits close to the heart, society and the country climb the step of growth one step further, suggesting how to get in touch with the optimum at each time, wrapped in peace of mind We promise that we can help you with tomorrow and country development.


The first step in technology transfer is training human resources. Takuwa supports the development of economic growth and natural disaster control ability through active recruitment and training of overseas engineers.
By giving practical and promising regular employment not only technical training but also duties and responsibilities that are exactly the same as those of Japanese staff, we acquire many technologies and know-how that Takuwa has cultivated so far You can go.
Such unrivaled full-fledged technology transfer policy will discharge outstanding personnel who can act as a leader in the future for water and water management in the future. Takuwa will actively produce "experts of the water environment that inherited the DNA of Takuwa" to the world in the future.

Support recruitment and development of active overseas engineers to foster economic growth of introduced countries and natural disaster control abilities

When we work abroad we have something to cherish. That means that we can not end customers by simply introducing equipment.
To make a town, people who live there can live with peace of mind.
Eventually, we will model our business as a model, and root town development business in your country. In other words, create a new business in your country. I believe that it is not an international contribution or technical support in the true sense without aiming for the goal of economic growth of customers in the country and rooting in business.

Practical and promising regular employment

We have adopted this vision and we first hired two Nepalese engineers last year.
We would like Nepalese engineers who are said to be the Leading Developing Countries defined by the United Nations to learn our skills and eventually we would like to make our base in Nepal and become manager.
For that reason they learn hard at everyday and have no mind to master the technology. We have such an environment.
I'm thinking about going to a Japanese university laboratory and acquiring more advanced technology.
Not only in Nepal but also in countries that are called emerging countries, developing countries and least developed countries (LDC: Least Develop country), Akatsuki who opened our base for Takuwa has been engaged in designing, manufacturing, selling, I would like you to grow into a base that can be adjusted and maintained with one stop.
Eventually we will leave us and want us to be independent as a company.
First of all, I hope that this plan will contribute to the growth of the country of Nepal.


What we aim for is "to create a city where people can live with peace of mind by measuring the water level".
We carefully superimpose each step with necessary steps for that purpose.

Implementation plan formulation (Hearing, field survey, support plan formulation support)

Firstly, we will formulate a plan and prepare a plan. It is the most important part that becomes the root of the town where customers can live with peace of mind. We will carefully create images while repeating meetings with customers.

Design / manufacture (Technical support)

It is a work to specifically design (design) the image that the customer has. In the next stage, we will assemble the necessary sensors to figure out what kind of town it will take, the figure of the town which implemented the system.

Establishment (Technical support / Human resource development / Education)

We will install finished sensors and create a system. For installation and equipment adjustment, we can work independently, but we will give lectures in advance in consideration after operation.

Operation / Maintenance (Continuous technology / Human resource development support)

We will also lecture in advance about maintenance after operation.