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TICTAKUWA Technical Innovation Center

We would like to respond with full support to customers who want to see and want to know the site of development and manufacturing, and the feelings of everyone who was interested in Takuwa. Please come to our production base "Takua New Technology Development Center: TIC (TAKUWA Technical Innovation Center)".
We are preparing a showroom aiming to "appeal to the five senses" by making use of projection mapping and models. Please experience tours that you can visit for the first time to know Takuwa from sense and feeling.


If you come to TIC which is the production base of Takuwa and go round the facility round the round, you should be able to understand what kind of company Takuwa is. TIC is the factory which is the base and base of Takuwa's manufacturing. Take the acronym for TAKUWA Technical Innovation Center and abbreviate "TIC". The official name of Japanese is "Takuwa New Technology Development Center". In Takuwa's company we call it tea or center.

By observing TIC, we can not only know "what kind of products are being produced" but also "what kind of environment will technology symbols be created" and "what kind of environment Will infrastructure be necessary? " They should also serve as a starting point for the local production facility concept that is necessary for technology transfer in each country in the future.


It is not "factory tour" that just looks at the development / production line in order. In Takuwa, we are practicing "full-fledged production at the production site" based on the needs and backgrounds of visitors.
That's why TIC's explanation of new technologies and product development sites and detailed production processes as well as evaluation work equipment such as clean rooms and high-pressure test tanks will be introduced firmly.
In addition, we can set up meetings, questions and answers with overseas recruitment staff who are standing at the site of technology transfer, discussion on the theme of technology transfer with a view to the future with the sales team.

Knowing the technical and quality of Takuwa and the site where the solution plan of the future will be born in real and detailed will be a valuable source of information for the future production of various production facilities in each country.