Takuwa is the leading company in flood control in Japan.


TAKUWA nurtured
Japan Quality Technology to the world


Evolution from "to control water" to "to cuddle with water" - The answer that Japanese people have overcome over many years of difficulty is to solve the problem of the water environment confronted by the world now, to develop the development of each country and the global environment It has the potential to realize protection. Takuwa's water and flood control solution, which embodies the spirit of Japan as a concrete technology, should solve the various water and flood control problems of each country and it will be a great force to support stable national development .


Although Japan is a narrow country with only 0.25% of the land area of the world due to its geographical conditions, Japan repeatedly suffered from various natural disasters such as floods due to typhoons and torrential rains, sediment disasters or earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions It has been hit.
* reference: Japan is prone to natural disasters But the Japanese have been facing these disasters, overcoming the difficulties, enjoying the prosperous rich fruit of the land obtained in return.
In particular, we have overcome the various natural disasters caused by "water" due to weather conditions of high humidity and heavy rainfall by our own wisdom, and have cultivated and developed the entire land into a rich ground suitable for rice cultivation. With this, nutrition productivity per unit weight which is unparalleled in Japan is realized in Japan. The unique flood control culture and technology cultivated in its history is extremely unique and high standard that is unprecedented worldwide.

Know water, stay close to water, create the future

That is the answer that the Japanese has reached after a long fight with water and it contains hints for universal problem solving.


We tried to understand "water" for half a century, trial and error, difficulty of "knowing water", not to control the water but to build a good relationship with water knowing water I know the importance of things. In other words, understanding that knowing water seriously can protect people's lives from the threats of various disasters and enjoy the blessings of water.
Takuwa who has been dating with water carefully precisely is trying to create the environment to send out the wisdom and know-how that we have learned to the world and to create the world's absentee skills day by day .

The strength of Takuwa is the number of water level gauges and degree gauges, or sensors, installed in rivers and water gates nationwide over 50 years. These are over 2,000 units, and our market share in Japan is about 60% or more.
We can use this achievement to propose various ideas and solutions for the next generation world.

For example, "How can we use and utilize the data measured with a water level gauge?" For such tasks, we can propose persuasive if Takuwa with proven results. Our solution gathers the measured data and does not end there. From years of experience it is possible to realize a one-stop solution that is nothing else, because Takuwa did not know how to use the measured data is a real issue. And it should be a source to solve "difficulties and challenges in walking with water" that the world countries face.